WELCOME TO CSI ASCENSION CHURCH As there was substantial growth in the membership of the CSI Immanuel Church, Broadway, Ernakulam, during the Eighties and Nineties it was felt necessary to form new congregations located at convenient places in the city of Ernakulam or its outskirts. As a result, the Christ Church at Elamkulam came into being in December,1991. However, as the membership of the Mother Church was still growing, a second bifurcation of the Church was found extremely essential to handle the situation. In view of that,efforts were put in to identify a suitable land for the construction of a new Church and the land was located at Kakkanadu. Construction of the new Church was taken up as a project of CSI Immanuel Church, Ernakulam and the Foundation Stone was laid by Rt Rev Dr George Isaac, on 3rd June 2001. Read More

Thought for the day

At Once

“Throwing his cloak aside, he jumped to his feet and came to Jesus’- Mark 10:50

We are continuing our meditation on Bartimaeus the blind person begging at the Jericho gate. He caught the attention of Jesus and Jesus told His disciples to call him. On hearing the call, Bartimaeus sprang to his feet throwing his cloak aside. Probably the cloak was the only possession he had and that was very much necessary to protect him from severe winter. But he was prepared to even throwaway his only possession, which he considered as a hindrance and he ran to Jesus. 

There are several other instances recorded in the Bible on people accepting the call of Jesus spontaneously. Simon Peter and his brother Andrew were casting net in the lake when Jesus called them to follow Him. We read in the Gospel, “At once they left their nets and followed Him”. There was no rethinking, there was no turning back.
  Zacchaeus was on the fig tree when Jesus called him. He came down at once and took Jesus to his house so gladly. There happened a complete repentance on the part of Zacchaeus that resulted in him donating half of his wealth to the poor. Also, if he had cheated anyone by way of unreasonable tax collection, he was prepared to pay back four times the amount. A dramatic change in the life of Zacchaeus, all because he responded to the call of Jesus immediately! 

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